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Covid Protocol

In the post Covid world we live, LightSUP Hawaii remains the ultimate Socially Distant ocean adventure on The Big Island. LightSUP Hawaii has taken every step necessary to ensure the protection of our guests and guides during these unprecedented times.  Fortunately, the vast area of the playground we explore, the secludedness of our launch sites and the intimacy of our tours are the perfect way to explore the wonders of Puako Reef with the peace of mind knowing that there is no safer place you can be than paddling in paradise!


- Masks optional on shore, unsafe while paddling due to breathing inhibition

-  Hand sanitizer available upon arrival

- All equipment and gear sterilized prior to arrival 

- Maintaining Social Distancing during the tour naturally occurs given the expansive areas we explore.  Guides are responsible for maintaining distancing between guests if needed

- The guest per guide ratio of 4:1 is ideal  for family and small group safety

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