ka napoo ana o hoe ~ Sunset Paddle

Our Signature Sunset Tour is THE MOST EPIC way to end your day in paradise! 


Dinner on the beach as we watch the colors of the sun setting into the tide pools of Puako Bay.  After the classic sunset pictures is when the LIGHTSUP magic happens!  With our lights on, 4500 lumens illuminates the life that comes out in the dark and attract the marine life that feeds on the plankton that concentrates under our expansive viewing window.  Our guides share their knowledge of the fish and coral while be keeping our eyes open for the manta rays who will be searching for their plankton dinner.  The reef at night is a whole new world, the pure light showing the true colors of reef.  This is an experience you'll never forget!  Once back on the beach with the colors of twilight setting in and the stars out, you are more than welcome to bring your own libations for after your tour.  The Puako Store is conveniently located near by and has all your drinks and snacks of choice!   


We know... We know... What about sharks?!  This is a concern for some, perhaps most.  The truth is, the ocean is the home to all sea life including sharks.  We have done extensive research and consulted numerous night diving professionals and the overwhelming consensus is reef sharks are active at night but they are not attracted to light and rarely come up to the surface.  We are on the surface, on top of a SUP board and if we are lucky, we will see them cruising along the bottom.  Even though sharks are not attracted to the lights, plankton are, and they are the main food source for the majestic Manta Ray.  This is the encounter we hope most to share with you. 

2.0 Hour Tour ~ $158 per guest

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