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LightSUP Hawaii donates more funds to change the fate of our coral reef and all the life that calls it home!

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As we venture into the new year, we wanted to offer the blessings of what was a year of growth above and below. With the gradual recovery in tourism has come the gradual decline in the overall vibrancy of the reef. As mere observers of the stretches of reef we call home, we have witnessed the ebb and flow of vitality on the reef. We are hopeful to see new life in 2022 and the further growth of our contribution to Change The Fate and the souls we shine a light upon.

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Blessed by picture perfect paddling conditions before the Blizzard of 2021. The Big Island has been soaked with rain for the fourth day but NOT nearly as much as our neighbors to the north. Winter 21 has arrived and now have snow capped mountains to further enhance your viewing pleasure.

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