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Not political to keep trash out of the ocean...

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ALL life that calls the reef home have been thriving in the absence of tourists and the boats that bring them. The bounty before the summer blitz was unreal. The onslaught brought back more of the same before Covid. We shall see what the new slow down will bring for our precious eco system.

  • LightSUP Ohana

Isabella Karin Kawaianuhea came back for summer just in time to lead our first official paying tour in Kailua Bay. There are no words that can describe the awe and wonder of the moment, the gratitude for the divine assistance but most of all an overwhelming pride of a parent of one amazing young woman. Makamae, you are a precious gift and you have given the marine life a precious gift as well. A window and a light that is illuminating the stressors of our coral reefs.

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